About Us


Integrated Design

MAST Security Technologies has a unique background that our company has developed from our experience in the door hardware industry.  We have discovered over the years there is little or no coordination between the electrical contractor, the hardware consultant, the access control contractor and the installers of all of these trades. Our solution integrates each of these fields to make the construction process much smoother for the customer, general contractor and the architect. 



kmMAST Security Technologies understands that teamwork and communication are imperative to the overall success of every project.  Our client focused team utilizes their experience and technical expertise to complete every project on schedule and within budget.  We coordinate and maintain communication with customers to make sure the installation process is an easy transition. 



MAST Security Technologies is customer-oriented.  We try to meet the needs of each of our customers and ensure their complete satisfaction in every aspect of the CyberLock system.  It is our practice to make certain the customer is properly trained in the software and use of the system, so they can function in their daily operations.  We focus on the needs of each customer and tailor our services to make certain the customer is completely satisfied.